Training and Education Documentation

  • Mail training and education documents with an ORO Training Cover Sheet (available in the Resources) to:
    Oregon Registry Online
    PO Box 751
    Portland OR 97207-0751

    We use the cover sheet to link your training and education to your ORO account. If you are mailing documentation for other people, make sure you use a separate cover sheet for each person. You must use an ORO Training Cover Sheet each time you submit training and education by mail (uploading does not require a cover sheet).

  • Yes, you can. At the top of the screen, click the 'MyORO' drop down menu and select Documents. Then click the Upload button to find the file on your computer. If you are using a mobile device, Uploads will also work.

    When uploading documents, a cover sheet is not required.

    Supported file formats are PDF, JPG or PNG image files.

    Please do not upload documents for other people to your account. They will be declined.

  • You have a few different options in this case:
    1. scan a physical copy of your documentation to an unprotected format and upload,
    2. take a photo or screen clip of your documentation and upload,
    3. mail a copy of your documentation with an ORO Training Cover Sheet (available in myORO), or
    4. remove password protection from your file through your software, if possible.

  • To help us process your training and education documentation quickly, please send only documentation that meets the Oregon Registry Training and Education Criteria (available in Resources).

  • The electronic imaging of training and education documents was phased in as ORO developed. It started with documents submitted for licensing requirements and then more recently the documents for Oregon Registry Steps, so not all certificates or transcripts were imaged.

  • Documents go through a screening process to determine whether they will be useful for your professional development. While it rarely happens, we may decline anything that does not document your training and education.

    Examples of why documents are declined:
    1. the certificate was from online training issued by OCCD and will be entered automatically.
    2. the document has a different person's name on it,
    3. the document is a form for a different agency, or
    4. the document is out of focus and not readable.

    You may also find more information about the status of documents in the FAQ "What is the status of my documents?"

  • You may have questions about missing training, 'not accepted' training or duplicates. If so, you can send an email to or call 1-877-725-8535 to speak with an Oregon Registry Specialist.

    If you have questions about getting more training, please contact your local child care resource and referral.