What is the status of my documents?

  • Once your documents are in ORO, they go through four stages:
    1. We look at each document to see if you can use it for your professional development. During this stage, you will only see these documents in "Recent Uploads" section.

    2. Once screened or scanned (if received via mail), the documents will move to the “Received Documents” section to await data entry.

    3. When training and education records for the documents have been entered, you will see a yellow hourglass icon on each image. You will see these records on your PDS under "Pending submissions."

    4. We review your pending submissions for use in ORO. Once verified, you will see a green check mark icon and these records will display on your PDS under "Verified submissions" or "Submissions not accepted for Oregon Registry use."

    We expedite the process for licensing needs.

  • Documents go through a screening process to determine whether they will be useful for your professional development. While it rarely happens, we may decline anything that does not document your training and education.

    Examples of why documents are declined:
    1. the document has a different person's name on it,

    2. the document is a form for a different agency, or

    3. the document is out of focus and not readable.

  • There are a number of reasons records are not accepted, such as missing your name or not having hours of training indicated. A good reference document is the Oregon Registry Training and Education Criteria found on our website:

    Refer to the bottom section of your Professional Development Statement titled, "Submissions not accepted for Oregon Registry use" where you can hover your mouse or tap the title to see the reason the training or education was not accepted.

  • If you view your Employment page, listed under each facility is a summary of the hours which will apply to the current license period.